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JILLIAN'S Joins with Bobby's Dancewear for Pointe Shoe Fitting

Jillian's Dance & Fitness Studio (JILLIAN'S) has collaborated with Bobby's Dancewear of Omaha to provide pointe shoe fittings to dancers.

Get the right shoe from the get-go. Professional fittings provide guidance on how to correctly size dancers and offer the convenience of trying different brands and models of shoes without the hassle of online orders and returns.

Every dancer's foot is unique. It is important that dancers get the best fit of pointe shoe for their foot shape and width. Learning to dance en pointe is a rewarding challenge and a comfortable shoe that doesn't pinch or cut into the foot is a necessary tool for this dance journey.

Professional pointe instruction. At Jillian's we emphasize real learning, strong dance technique and training. We want every ballet student starting pointe to be well prepared and equipped for pointe instruction. That's why we do the research and the leg work to offer you the best guidance on all things dance, including where to purchase pointe shoes locally.

Schedule Individual Appointments. For JILLIAN'S dancers still needing pointe shoes, individual appointments can be scheduled by calling Bobby's Dancewear at 402-334-1225.

Jillian's Dance & Fitness Studio is located in downtown Cherokee and Holstein. Lessons are offered in Cherokee on Monday and Tuesday, in Holstein on Thursday. Browse our website For more information call 712-229-8368 or email Find us on Facebook @jilliansdancefitness and follow us on Instagram @jilliansdance.

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