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NEW 2023! Preschool, Youth and Preteen Mini Sessions

Are you looking for an easy way to get your child dancing or experiencing a new dance style? Then our mini sessions are for you!

What is a Mini Session?

JILLIAN'S Preschool, Youth and Preteen Mini Sessions are 4 week dance courses. A perfect flexible option for busy families! Classes start January 17 [Cherokee] and January 19 [Holstein]. Ballet/Tap Combo and Jazz offered.

  • Non-performing classes.

  • The Mini-Session dancers are not involved in a formal performance with costumes.

  • There will be observation opportunities. Registration Deadline is January 13th and spots are limited to 6 per class. Don't wait. Register today!


Class Option Information:

Choose Tuesday evenings in Cherokee or Thursday evenings in Holstein for select classes:

Winter Session (4 weeks 1/17 - 2/7 [Cherokee] 1/19 - 2/9 [Holstein])

(Age 2-4) Preschool Ballet/Tap Combo <Tue, Cherokee> 5:00 - 5:30pm [Jan 17, 2023 - Feb 7, 2023]

(Age 5-7) Youth Ballet/Tap Combo <Tue, Cherokee or Thu, Holstein> 5:30 - 6:30pm [Jan 17, 2023 - Feb 9, 2023]

(Age 8+) Preteen Jazz <Tue, Cherokee> 7:15 - 8:00pm [Jan 17, 2023 - Feb 7, 2023]

Cost of Mini Session = $65.00 *Non-refundable

Dance Attire: Purchase through website. Our Enrollment Handbook with all our dress code information will be sent directly to your inbox shortly after registering.

Snow Day makeup lesson if needed: Cherokee [Feb 14], Holstein [Feb 16]

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