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Pictures in the Park: Fall photos with Pierson Photography

The leaves are changing colors and we're getting excited for our 'Pictures in the Park' event - Fall Dance Photos with Pierson Photography.

Our Fall photos came out so well last year that I thought we just had to keep up the tradition. We will all meet at 10:30 AM in Central Park, Cherokee. We will start with a group photo first (all dancers) and then move on to individual photos, siblings, and friends. We will start with preschool students and end with our teens.

Order forms have been handed out, but if you still need one or would like an extra, they can be found on the coffee table in the lobby at Cherokee and at the front desk at Lohff Schumann in Holstein.

Please wear your dance uniform with tights and dance shoes. Bring a coat because it could be chilly. Hair and makeup should be done just as it would for recital. Refer to our 'Get Recital Ready' info sheet in your Welcome Packet or blog post here:

for all your makeup questions. Also, remember that a dancer's tights are her undergarments so no underwear - tights + leotard only. For toddlers who are not yet potty trained, a diaper is okay.

Looking forward to a wonderful picture day with crisp fall air, blue skies, and colorful leaves and, of course, beautiful and handsome dancers.



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