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Great Job! JILLIAN'S Dress Code Check 2021

Proper dance attire and appearance is an important part of a good dance education. It optimizes learning and increases focus by minimizing distractions and increasing movement comfort.

Last week we conducted our dress code check. We went over expectations with students and made note of some areas for improvement. Generally speaking, everyone did a great job coming to class prepared and following the dress code.

Here are a few important reminders as we get closer to the Recital. Firstly, please make sure your dancer is wearing tights to class. Without tights, students' shoes fit more tightly and become uncomfortable. Secondly, be sure to check that your dancer's hair is pulled back neatly so that she can practice turns and routines etc. without distraction and irritation.

Again, great job everyone and keep up the good work of coming to class ready to dance and making the most of your weekly dance lessons.

Below is our JILLIAN'S full dress code for class. Please review ahead of the Recital. Questions? Email

Dress Code

  • Dance bag with your child’s name/initials marked.

  • Dance shoes marked (on the inside) with initials.

  • Studio leotards must be worn to class. Flutter sleeve dress for Preschool classes; black rhinestone leotard for Youth and up. Winter leotards (long sleeve and ¾ sleeve) are available seasonally along with dance sweaters from

  • Always have your child’s hair pulled back for class. Ballet classes Preteen and up require a hair sprayed bun for class.

Coming up...

Things you will see and hear about soon.

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