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Recital Q&A

Today we’re sitting down with Studio Director Jillian Galloway of Jillian’s Dance and Fitness Studio located in Cherokee and Holstein, IA. We’ll be discussing their upcoming Recital 2020 “Who You Gonna Call?”

Recital can be a hectic time of year. Do you have any tips for parents and students to make preparing for the performance as stress-free as possible? My number one piece of advice is to double and triple check that you have all your costumes and accessories before you leave for the Recital venue. Ask yourself, “Do I have all the hair pieces, arm accessories, any other costume tidbit like a hat or clip, tights, shoes and the costume itself?” Also, label everything with your dancer’s name or initials. This takes so much stress off everyone knowing that all the parts are there and allows dancers and parents to focus on having fun and enjoying the big day.

Packing in advance is always a good idea. Can you tell us more about what we should be bringing for tights? Hair and makeup? All students need to buy Revolution brand color flow tights. Color for Hip Hop and Jazz this year is black; suntan for Tap; and Pink for ballet (including preschoolers). No underwear is allowed under the tights. Hair should be pulled back neatly in a smooth bun. Makeup requirements are pink blush, blue eyeshadow, and red lipstick for ages 2-6. Ages 6+ wear blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara.

Where is the Recital this year and what time should parents expect to arrive? Recital 2020, will be this Saturday, October 31st, outside at the Cherokee County Fairgrounds. It will be a fun Halloween themed event. All students must arrive promptly at 12:30pm. The outdoor performance will start at 1:15pm. I’m asking everyone to plan for an approximately hour long show. There will be no intermission this year.

Halloween is supposed to be a nice day for weather, but should dance families plan on bringing anything particular since it’s outside? Jackets and sweatpants for students to wear before going on stage and after are strongly encouraged. Also a lap blanket, thermos of hot chocolate, tea or coffee --- all these would be great to bring with and, of course, dress in layers. For seating, families may bring lawn chairs or camp chairs etc., but they should be aware that bleachers are available and, depending on outdoor conditions, may be preferable. I’m asking everyone to please show respect for city property by cleaning up after themselves and supervising any young children.

Any COVID-19 protocols? Yes, everyone must wear a mask and social distance from other families. Let’s be as respectful of everyone and their health and safety as we can.

Any show instructions specific to this venue? Yes, when students arrive at 12:30pm they should report to the main stage for a group picture and to practice the finale. Students will then sit with their families. Each show number will be announced and students will then go on stage for their routine. After they are finished, they will sit back down with their families. If a student is in more than one dance routine and needs to change, there will be time in between numbers to do so at a designated changing area.

What will be open at the fairgrounds? The ticket booth when you first enter will be open and used for ticket collection. The main stage, bleachers, and rodeo arena will also be open for our show. Unfortunately, bathrooms at the fairgrounds have been closed by the City of Cherokee. Please keep this important detail in mind with young children. Whiskey Throttle Event Center has kindly allowed us to use their bathroom facilities. Please plan accordingly and be respectful.

Will families be allowed to take pictures and videos? Yes, families will be able to take pictures and videos of their dancer(s) during the performance.

Final thoughts or information that families should know about? I always like to make everyone aware of some general emergency information. The City of Cherokee Police and Cherokee County Sheriff can be reached at: 712-225-6728. The Iowa State Patrol can be reached at: 1-800-525-5555. Dialing 911 from your cellular device anywhere in Iowa will connect you with Law Enforcement.

As a final thought - thank you to all our parents and students for your cooperation. It has been a great pleasure to see the progress that our students have made. I know that pleasure will be shared by all of our dance families at our show!

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