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Get Recital Ready! JILLIAN'S 2019

Location, Time, and Place

The Dress Rehearsal is Friday, June 7th at the Rosemary Clausen Center for Performing Arts in the Holstein High School. PLEASE ARRIVE PROMPTLY AT 5PM. We will begin Dress Rehearsal with practicing our Finale (5:30PM) that way when a dancer is done rehearsing her routines, she may leave. If your schedule allows, your dancer may come to dress rehearsal in costume and makeup. If not, your dancer may change in the dressing rooms. However, we will be sticking to a prompt schedule and dancers must be ready to line up at 5:30PM SHARP.

The Recital is Saturday, June 8th at the Rosemary Clausen Center for Performing Arts in the Holstein High School. PLEASE ARRIVE PROMPTLY AT 6PM. Those arriving with the dancer will be able to enter the auditorium and select their seat prior to the public. Doors open to the public at 6:30PM and the Recital will start at 7PM.

Flowers and Gifts

Flowers and gifts will be available for purchase in the auditorium lobby during intermission.

Quantities are limited. Last year we sold out. Order your roses in advance while supplies last

Petite Ballerina Bouquet (2 Stem)


1/2 Dozen Enchantment Bouquet


Classic Dancer's Dozen



Refreshments will be available in the auditorium lobby during intermission.

Spread the Word

Get the word out about JILLIAN'S 2019!


Key recital details in an easy-to-read pamphlet including dance classes and show line up. Print copies of Program-at-a-glance or share the PDF with family and friends.

Invite a Friend

Invite your family, friends, and to join you at JILLIAN'S 2019! Still need tickets? Order more at

Hurry! Don't wait to get extra tickets at the door.

Tickets are $15/Adult and $12/Child (thru 12th grade) when purchased in advance. Door tickets are $20/Adult and $17/Child.

*For fire safety and emergency reasons, every individual present must have a ticket including infants and toddlers.

Social Media

Let your family and friends know you’re attending JILLIAN'S 2019 by posting to your social media page.

Posting about the recital on Facebook or Instagram (@jilliansdance)? Don’t forget to use the hashtag #JILLIANS2019!

Photography and Video

No photography or video will be allowed during the performance. It is distracting to the dancers and can ruin the viewing experience of other parents.

However, who doesn’t want charming photography or video of their dancer in action? To solve this issue, parents are permitted to photograph and record during DRESS REHEARSAL ONLY.

Dress Code

The dress code is an important part of dance education. Please be sure to dress your child in the required garments for the recital. NO UNDERWEAR IS ALLOWED UNDER THE TIGHTS. A dancer’s tights are her undergarment. Students who do not have the required tights at the dress rehearsal will be asked to purchase the correct color and style. Revolution Color Flow Tights will be available. Students who do not have the correct hair will be asked to fix backstage. The same applies for makeup.

 Revolution Color Flow Tights

o Ballet: Ballet Pink

o Jazz: Suntan

o Hip Hop: Black

o Tap: Suntan (Adv./Int. must also have black fishnet)

o Modern: Capezio Light Suntan (footless) or Revolution Classic Pink (footless)

 Bun

o Hairnet matching hair color to be placed over bun

o Tightly Bobby pinned

o Hair pulled back, not parted

o Hair sprayed

 Makeup

Under 6

o Red lipstick

o Blue eyeshadow

o Black Mascara

o Pink blush


o Red lipstick

o Blue eyeshadow

o Black Mascara

o Pink blush

o Black eyeliner

o Penciled Brows

o False Eyelashes (optional)

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