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Just Published: Spring Newsletter April

Have you seen our Spring Newsletter? We are excited to announce that Jillian's has published your complete guide to Recital 2019. The newsletter includes all the need to know information about venue, ticketing, photo shoot, tutus, and even a quick look ahead to Dance Season 2019 - 20.

The Spring Newsletter makes it easy to know when to arrive for Dress Rehearsal, when to arrive for Recital 2019, and what to wear to the Recital Photo Shoot. You can also stay current on studio happenings, and find out when and how to register for 2019 - 20 classes.

Jillian's provides proper and positive dance training and teaches the importance of goal setting and teamwork. We encourage self-confidence and life-long learning. And we love celebrating life's special moments with our besties!

You can help your child excel when you prepare for the show and upcoming dance season. Read our Spring Newsletter to learn how you can support your dancer as he/she gets ready to tackle the big performance and showcase hard work and dedication in action.

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