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Summer Dance Programs

Unleash your child's creativity, provide a space for energetic movement, promote goal-setting, and boost confidence

Summer Programs NEW! And only at JILLIAN’S this summer

Pre-Registration opens  2/14

Ages 3-5

2 Options:

Fairytale Princess Summer Intramural – Creative Ballet

Want an unforgettable experience for your child this summer? Where she feels special, loved, cared for by her instructor? And where her imagination is sparked and creativity unleashed?

Join Miss Jillian for a summer program sure to light up your child and make her smile shine bright…

Unveiling our “Fairytale Princess Summer Intramural” for ages 3-5…

Ballet but better…

Dress up, poetry, rhyming, song, fantasy and crafts to bring out the inner Meryl Streep and Van Gogh in your little star…


Under the Big Top – Rhythm and Tumbling

Are you ready for warm summer days filled with family adventures and watching your kiddos explore and grow? This is for you…

Imagine your little learner in an engaging, creative, stimulating environment that promotes pre-k and kindergarten readiness…encouraging her to probe her environment learning about rhythm, pattern, spatial and body awareness...All wrapped up in bright, colorful, child-friendly packaging?

This is why I’d LOVE for you to join me for our NEWEST circus-themed Rhythm and Tumbling summer program ‘Under the Big Top’ for ages 3-5.

Your child will learn to roll, tumble, work on spatial directions , identifying their right and left complete patterns, create their own patterns PLUS be introduced to basic quarter note rhythm


Ages 6-9

2 Options:

Jazz with Barbie – Beginner Jazz

Is your 6-9 year old ready to explore Jazz this summer? I’m excited to be rolling out our summer program ‘Jazz with Barbie’ where students will learn beginner level jazz through Barbie-based lessons.

Full STEAM Ahead - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math Learning Experience

We are "Full STEAM Ahead" - integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math in fun, hands-on activities.

Miss Jillian shares her extensive science background in this one of a kind summer program where she weaves together the arts and sciences…

During the STEM Rotation dancers/problem -solvers will be challenged to think outside-of-the-box as they find creative ways to solve engineering tasks.

Your daughter’s creative thinking will extend into the arts as Miss Jillian brings science and art together to create masterpieces during the Art Rotation.

We invite your child to join us in looking at the world from a unique perspective!

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