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COVID-19 Guidelines

Cherokee Studio


    • HEALTH - Students and Parents must check for health. Take a stringent check for any physical signs of illness. Temperature Checks are encouraged.

    • BATHROOM - Use the bathroom and thoroughly wash hands at home before class.

    • GET DRESSED - Be ready in dance attire. Please try to limit changing clothes at the studio.

    • PACK LIGHTLY - Bring only limited/essential items with you. Please do not bring snacks or treats to share with other students.


    • ARRIVAL - Classes will be allowed in 5 minutes past their normal start time to allow for socially distanced entering and cleaning of the facility between classes. 

    • WAIT IN YOUR CAR - Stay in your car until the start of class.

    • DROP OFF - Parents must drop off their child at the alley entrance and refrain from accompanying students inside. Preschoolers are allowed 1 adult for drop off. Preschool parents may stay for the duration of class, but are asked to wait in the hallway.  

    • USE THE APPROPRIATE ENTRANCE - Classes will enter through the front alley door only and exit through the back doors. 

    • SANITIZE & DISTANCE - Students must use hand sanitizer before each class. Students will be asked to keep themselves and their belongings socially distanced.


    • DISMISSAL- 10 minutes total between each class to allow for students to leave before the next class comes in. Classes will be dismissed 5 minutes early to allow for socially distanced exiting of the facility. 

    • SANITIZE - Students will hand sanitize after each class.

    • USE THE APPROPRIATE EXIT - Classes will enter through the front alley door and exit through the back doors only. 


    • DISINFECT & SANITIZE BETWEEN CLASSES - Barres will be disinfected between each class. Doorknobs, light switches, and bathrooms will be sanitized between each class.

    • FRONT DESK - The front desk is closed. Please email or call with any questions.

    • LOBBY/SEATING AREAS - Our lobby/seating area is currently closed to parents.

    • MASKS - Every adult in the studio must wear a mask.

    • FRONT ALLEY DOOR ENTRANCE  - The front alley door will be locked between classes. The entrance will be unlocked after the previous class has exited and the studio has been disinfected.


We look forward to welcoming back all of our wonderful families and students!

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