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Annual Fundraiser


How It Works

Jillian’s Dance & Fitness Studio will be participating in the Gertrude Hawk Chocolates Fundraiser. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents and families to earn money for their Dance Recital expenses.

  • Fundraising catalogs are distributed during class.

  • Families earn 50% profit from all sales guaranteed. 

  • All profits will be applied towards the Recital Invoice which includes costume(s) and tickets. 

  • Make checks payable to Jillian's Dance & Fitness Studio.

  • Fundraising earnings exceeding the Recital Invoice will be applied to December tuition (and subsequent months if necessary).

  • Fundraiser catalogs and order forms will be distributed starting on September 10th and are due Thursday, October 17th.

  • Gertrude Hawk orders will be delivered the week of November 18th.

 Recital Invoice  

Jillian's Dance & Fitness will be sending your Recital Invoice on Saturday, September 15th so you know the amount to set for your family's fundraising goal.

  • The Recital Invoice will have the default option of  6 tickets for $80 ($13.33/ticket) selected. If you would like 10 tickets for $110 ($11/ticket), please email as soon as possible.  

  • The Recital Invoice will include one costume per class (e.g. If your child is in two classes, then you will see two costumes itemized on the Recital Invoice).

  • Recital Invoice payment will be due Saturday, November 30th.

[Updated 9/12/2019]

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